Thursday, 6 June 2013

Quick fix: 5 stupid things that vegans claim to be true

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Vegans - for any one who have access to the internet, they are to social media what the Nazis were to leftist politics; often they are so wrapped up in their own opinions and views against the mainstream culture of consuming meat that they will often overlook factual evidence and human nature.

I consume meat, it is a stable part of my diet - I take no shame in it; it's what I was raised on, it's what almost all of us were raised on. It's tasty, and enjoyable to consume.

Modern Vegans, or Veganazis as I call them, have done the same thing to the vegan mentality that has happened to feminism and equality campaigns - turned them from reasonable, stable campaigns into cesspools of hate and anger towards anyone who disagrees with their choices in life.

5. All meat eaters hate animals and are murderers

I eat meat, and I also support the conservation of endangered animals, and animals in general (to a certain extent). People who eat meat are the majority in the world, and while the way in which we farm animals in the 21st century is cruel, it does not show that all persons who eat meat hate and murder animals.

Go to any animal conservation society, endangerment activity group or animal shelter, and chances are you will find the majority of people consume meat as part of their diet. They also consume vegetables because humans are omnivores - we are opportunistic feeders, and while genetics suggests we spawned from herbivores, the transition from that to the ability to eat meat has been a crucial evolutionary point in human development which directly led to the increase in brain-mass and cognitive function. 

Vegans chose to remove all animals produce from their diet - that's their choice and they are welcome to it - although with that comes some form of false moral high-horse which they take and attempt to accuse the mainstream, burger eating population of being monsters.

4. Vegan diet is better for the environment

At the current percentage of vegans in Western Society, which is less than 1%, it is indeed true that the vegan diet is better for the environment.

Expand that to the entire human race, and what you're left with would be the genocide of thousands of animals and plant life to facilitate the extensive land mass required for cultivation of vegetables and fruits - which is greater than that required for livestock. Expansion of cultivation land would need to crush down forests, natural green land and habitats to create enough food for an entirely vegan human race. 

Also take in to consideration the fuel consumption required to transport vegetables from abroad - which I remind all our vegan readers is required for diversity of diet, and protein - would be insane as opposed to the 2 veg meat diet. 

Let's go through a list of the essential proteins for the vegan diet, and where they come from.

Avocado - Tropical; South America, central Asia. Rarely grown in Britain, or Western Europe due to climate
Artichoke - Tropical; East Europe, South America, Central Asia; no true commercial output in Britain, transport would need to be from Italy or Spain

Most nuts, tofu, peas, spinach - either incredibly difficult to grow commercially in the UK due to seasonal fluctuations; maintaining crops and cultivation fields have either resulted from destruction of rain forest, human population centres, or are restricted to small outputs due to difficulties of sourcing and growing. 

Lentils - Tropical; Middle-east, Central Asia; no true commercial output in the UK due to climate

Tempeh - Tropical; Indonesia; no commercial growth in the UK due to land requirement and climate

Most vegetables and fruits do not have sufficient protein for life time survival and consumption would be so great to meet the essential protein for life that the land used for growth would take up most free land. The cost of transporting fruit and vegetables from across the globe to countries like the UK which has very specific seasons is part of the largest environmental problems to face the human race in-part with consumer goods and transport fuel efficiency. 

Nice try vegans, but no.

3. Humans are naturally herbivores

Not even close. Go look up human evolution as we understand it now, and especially the dental features - yes, those canine teeth are much, much larger than they are today now. 


We, as we lost our fur, lost much of our ability to combat disease in raw meat and the ability for much of the world to survive climate without clothing - we evolved; as we developed tools, and took animals down using spears, the need for large canines for sinking into prey to drag it down like a lion became pointless. Evolution is awesome like that, it takes away stuff we don't need; our naturally evolution moved from relying on what we could produce with our bodies to items that we could produce with the substances around us.

Humans are scientifically recognized as omnivores; our eyes are frontal facing which in mammal nature defines our species as hunters, not prey.

Get your shit together vegans, and come back when scientists who you aren't paying tell you facts you want to hear.

2. Blah blah blah some stupid shit

So much stupid crap comes from the mouths of the Veganazis that it would take a decade to go through them all.

I'll just say that, when Veganazis make stupid statements such as 'meat eaters deserve to die' or 'meat eaters are murderers', it sort of becomes like a fly buzzing around the room that needs to be hit across the head with a shoe a few hundred-million times. 

Veganazis. Think before you speak and perhaps the rest of society will stop treating you like the stuck up obnoxious asses that you believe you have the right to act like. When you can come to a discussion without labeling people murderers, monsters or morally lacking, then we will actually listen to you.

1. Vegan don't hurt animals

The growth of vegetables kills thousands of millions of insects a year.

Millions of mice in grain farms (which many vegans eat)

Expanding cultivation for tofu and tempeh is destroying the rain forests and adding hundreds of species to the extinct list every year, not to mention the human cost of such expansions.

Yeast is a biological life form which is alive - eating bread? You're eating a creature

Cows, pigs, many horses, chickens, hens, several species of duck, fish and mammal all rely on human farming to maintain their species - most farm animals, as with dogs and cats, chose to be controlled by humans. We see ants farming. Why do these animals chose it? We maintain their species, they will survive. They are taking one for the team - if we eat them, and in return they can spread their genes and population, then they've basically reached the max level awesomeness that any species can hope to achieve. They will die in nature anyways, so why not consume them anyways?

Vegans. I state this: it's your choice, but don't ride my ass for choosing to eat meat. Get over your lifestyle, you're just as bad as the rest of us. 

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  1. 5. I will never argue that meat-eaters hate animals. But they do support the slaughter of several species of animals. That's simply truth.
    4. If everyone on the planet went vegan overnight, this might be true. But that ain't happenin'. The amount of land devoted to keeping animals and growing food for them is enormous. And animals produce far less food than they consume. A slow conversion of the human diet and land use would not have any ill effects on the environment.
    3. Humans are not naturally herbivores. We ate meat. It's stupid to claim otherwise. But humans CAN survive and thrive on a vegan diet, and we're certainly not meant to consume meat every day, let alone at every meal.
    2. Blah blah blah some stupid shit... Yup. There are a healthy amount of self-righteous, stuck-up vegans. But there are also a lot of self-righteous, stuck-up meat eaters who have a lot of irrational anger directed toward even the kindest vegans.
    1. (a)Intentional harm is much different than accidental harm. (b)Cows, pigs, many horses, chickens, hens, several species of duck, fish, and mammal all did quite fine before we put them on farms, forced them to breed at unnatural rates, genetically modified them, kept them in cruel and inhumane situations, and slaughtered them by the thousands upon thousands in factories...