Monday, 8 July 2013

Open letter to the Anonymous & European Union

From: Robert Byng ~The Young Political Radical~
To:     Anonymous; European Union Parliament & all relevant European Union groups
Subject: NSA scandal & US Imperialism
Date: 08/07/2013


Dear Anonymous & Members of Parliament, officials and citizens of the European Union,

Over these last few weeks Edward Snowden - a true patriot to both the United States of America and western civilisation - has exposed the tactics of the NSA against not only United States citizens but also espionage against European Union nations and, indeed, the European Union itself.

As sovereign nations within the EU, we come together to push forward our ideals for stronger and freer nations, independent from the need to rely on the rest of the world for our democratic needs, and as European nations - despite sometimes disagreeing - we all want the same vision of a democratic and free world for our children. As a peaceful entity in the world, we present no threat to the United States in a military capacity, and while we may pose a threat to the economic interests of the 1% in America, our actions have been to serve the tens of nations of our congress which rely on the European Union to serve as a collective voice in the world.

Over the last weeks the trust to-which we have shown in the European Union has been broken.

To discover that European nations have been under surveillance by the United States of America should have prompted immediate action by the European Parliament, including a blockade on trade with the United States Government and a complete re-assessment of the security protocols in place to protect against such actions against the sovereignty of our nation-states.

This did not happen.

Instead the European Union and Parliament were submissive. I assume this is due to size and power of the United States and its influence over the world. Bullies are allowed to flourish when they receive no punishment, and as such the United States will undoubtedly continue their illegal operations against our citizens, politicians and assets.

I have nothing but love for the American people however American politics are international politics - America has gone far beyond a sovereign state and now begins to resemble an imperial force with the intention of forcing their ideals on the world through militant and illegal tactics.

America will continue to grow and expand unless the world begins to say 'no more'.

The European Union may not be able to match the United States in economy however we surpass them in morals - in Europe, we no longer believe that religion and politics should often go together; we no longer feel that it is political suicide to support gay and equal rights for all citizens; and as a continent, we have the potential to serve the world with a great deal of good through science and culture. We must use our strengths and begin to awaken our voice against the United States of America. We must say 'no more'.

What has happened to the President of Bolivia is unacceptable.

As sovereign nations, we have the right to forge our own opinions and decisions over international matters without strings being attached to our politicians. In the older days of politics, when politicians still had spines, they would have allowed the President of Bolivia to land and continue his flight regardless of the presence of Edward Snowden being true or otherwise.

The revelations from Edward Snowden effect the half billion citizens within the European Union as many online assets are held within the United States; they have a monopoly on the internet, and the internet should never be the sole responsibility of any one power.

He stood out for freedom, and in return we punished him.

Now we must look to nations such as Bolivia, which we often too readily criticize, for how our morals should be set. An absolute disgrace for Europe and the European Union.

I thought we were better than this. I thought we were a continent of freedom and liberty. Instead, we are become sheep.

I look to Anonymous, as one of the only true voices to the 99%, to do what must be done to crush the illegal destruction of our freedom.

The hope of the world's citizens is with you Anonymous, I hope you carry them well and just.

As for the European Union: Shame. On. You.


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