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Independence for Scotland: Yay or Nay.

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Scotland's independence from the rest of the UK, has been a matter of debate for last few years. The Scottish parliament have been pushing to get powers, to ensure Scotland looks after it onw, politically, financially and of course helping to preserve Scotland heritage.

The questions is Do you trust Alex Salmond to have you best interests at heart?.

Being Scottish myself, I have to answer honestly and say  NO.

Why you may ask, some may even feel I am being traitor to my origins, I will argue my point later on. But what does independence mean for Scotland, and the rest of the UK. No mater which way you look at it the country as a whole will feel the repercussions. 

Lets take a look at the UK as a whole right now, the state of the country is in dire straits, the country is in debt, barely holding its head above water, we had a rather large debt hanging over our collective head. WE the people had to make sacrifices to pay that debt back, higher taxes, increased cost of living. We can barely survive week to week. More and more people are living on the breadline. The working class is getting poorer, while the upper classes are getting richer.  While his has always played it part in out history, It will have an impact if Scotland separates from the rest of the UK. The government is always passing laws it feels benefit the country as a whole. While many do not like these laws, they have helped in a small way.  The Scottish government have proposed three possible out comes of the referendum that is to take place in the autumn of 2014.

1 -  full devolution or 'devolution max'

This mean that Scotland will be able to make changes to the law and taxes with the 'exception of defence and foreign affairs; financial regulation, monetary policy and the currency' *.  So basically England will still dictate our affairs overseas and our money matters. No total independence, but enough that we will recognised are our own country. Fair enough I guess.

2- * Calman type fiscal reform, gaining the additional powers and responsibilities of setting a Scottish rate of income tax that could vary by up to 10p in the pound compared to the rest of the UK, setting the rate of stamp duty land tax and "other minor taxes", and introducing new taxes in Scotland with the agreement of the UK parliament, and finally, "limited power to borrow money.

SO again, not complete independence,  We would still have to report to the English government about money matter in some sense, but we would have ADDITIONAL powers and responsibilities. For the most part thought Scotland would rule its self.

3-  * full independence, stating that the Scottish Parliament would gain the powers to be able to convert Scotland into a country which would "have the rights and responsibilities of a normal, sovereign state".

This means Scotland would be completely free of England and her rule. Total freedom, the right to govern ourselves, regardless of what England do. No one to report to and no one giving us ground rules at all.

(* Scotland Future: Draft of the Referendum bill) .

So there you have it. The three possible outcomes for Scotland future. While most people in Scotland are pushing for the third option I have to question our wisdom in this choice.
While I agree to a point, that Scotland is in need of change, I believe we can achieve that with the Support of England, Then again I believe the WHOLE country could do with change.  Scotland is acting like a rebellious teenager, who has been told its grounded for misbehaving. Making rash choice based on it anger at England. Here are a few questions I would want answered, and hopefully with proof.

1 – IS Scotland economically stable enough to support  itself?.
2- Can Scotland's reputation around the world, grantee us, acceptance in the EU?.
3 – How will Scotland's education, translate to the rest of the world?
4-  Will Scotland being free of the rest of the UK, open more jobs?.
5- What of the Monarchy. Before the joining on the crowns, Scotland had its own kings and Queens   
     will we do so again?.
6- How will Scottish independence, affect me and my family?

7 -  Are we TRUELY ready to stand on our own two feet, and succeed?

There are a number of issues I have with this. But these are the highlights. The Scottish government see Scotland with a brilliant future, but as with all elected member of government I hold judgement.
If they believed that Scotland would be a success, they would not be asking for the legal age to vote to be dropped from 18 to 16, as well as having other people from around the world of Scottish origin included in the vote. If anything to me that shows that they do NOT have as much faith in Scottish independence as they claim. 

Looking at Scotland right now. We have more than enough issues to contend with. The lack of affordable housing the number immigrants in the country are putting pressures on the economy and housing, Lack on jobs, lack of Scottish industry, More major banks and business that are based in Scotland are actually run by English companies  ( Tennants, Scottish and Newcastle,  RBS, Cyldesdale and many more).

I believe that Scottish independence is a nice idea, and one day it may be for the benefit of Scotland, but as of right now. We can barely house our people, or provide jobs for them. We have a country that is lacking the resources and money to support ourselves. While Edinburgh does well with it tourism trade, the rest of the country isn't as well off.  How would Scotland look if was independent from England, would there be argument over territory?, would you need you passport to cross the boarder?  Or would we simply build Hadrian's wall and lock ourselves off from the rest of the world, and return to our roots, as the barbaric tribe we once were rich in culture and nothing else. 

This topic cannot be cover in just one go, so it is something I will return to at a later date. In the meantime, I encourage you all to research, what Scottish Independence will mean for you and the UK as a whole. And really think, Is the best way forward to the future or are we making a massive mistake that will cost our children for generations to come.

Signing off for the moment, feel free to leave me your thought.

Lou McOuat.   

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