Thursday, 23 May 2013

George Galloway – a politician of double standards, racism and a supporter of fascism.

George Galloway may be one of the most controversial politicians to have entered British politics since the reign of Tony Blair post the Iraq War. He has been well known for his use of censorship in winning his so called ‘debates’.

His opposing challengers tend to be either insulted, or muted; in some chances, both. If you don’t believe me, do feel free to view the many videos I will post in this particular blog – some are from pro-Galloway sources, others are from the YouTube Channel ‘Gallowatch’.

George Galloway claims to have no racism within him, yet he not only refused to acknowledge Israel as a state, but also refuses to acknowledge the people who originate from Israel. In one such case, which grabbed mass media attention, he stormed out of a debate in Oxford University’s Christ Church College when discovering his opponent was Israeli. Here’s the video to prove it:

“I don’t debate with Israelis” were his exact words, now please imagine the reaction that he would give to someone claiming “I don’t debate with Pakistanis”; or “I don’t debate with Muslims”. He is a Member of Parliament, and this is the conduct to which he holds himself; a sad state of affairs.

Initially I was a supporter of Galloway for his outspoken nature, however upon digging deeper I fear I am seeing a history lesson unfolding – see, there was once a political that used insults and censorship to achieve his motives, and he too was not fond of Jewish states; his name was Adolf Hitler. Galloway is sadly a Hitler who has not achieved power.

I do not know if he genuinely believes in what he fights for in the Palestine Cause, although regardless, he has supported Hamas in the past. For those not affiliated with current affairs, Hamas is the ruling party of the Palestinian region; it is a radical-Islamist regime who has written into its charter the very intention of destroying all Jews. They place rocket sites in their cities and towns, and then use such sites to launch attacks against Israel; when Israel fires back, and they do fire back, such is their right to defence, Hamas then begins to play the victim card. I wish to remind the reader that Israel has enough weaponry at their disposal to not only invade, conquer and dominate Palestine, but to completely wipe it off the face of the Earth and leave nothing but glass and freshly smoldering ashes.

 In all honesty, if I was living next to someone who wished to kill the majority of the people within my home, I would of taken all actions possible to stop them. Israel hasn't. Israel has managed to remain relatively non-invasive in their approach to defence.  The video below adds foundations to my claims:

Hamas executes homosexuals; rigs elections; beats women on moral crimes and is another fascist-radical-Islamic state in the making. I am not against Islam in any sense; it is a peaceful religion until in the wrong hands. Hamas are the wrong, blood covered hands and Galloway is the turncoat to British society who kneels before them.

George and I are from the same neck of the woods; we were both born in Glasgow, albeit perhaps different generations. I find it disgraceful that while he supports the independence of many nations throughout the world, he has a habit of tearing into the morale of his own people. In the Scottish Independence debate, he is quick to claim that Scotland could never be successful as an Independent state. I can respect the economic arguments when they are put forward in way which does not show negativity and a lack of respect for the intellect of my people. He claims that an Independent Scotland would lead to fascism, which actually led me to believe he may start supporting the Yes campaign on those lines, however apparently not. To make such a claim is absurd; that is like saying that a nation such as France, Norway, Sweden or Finland is full of fascism – oh wait, they’re not, in actual fact they have a more open dialogue between the nationals and immigration communities. Oops Georgie boy, you dun goofed.

I am not alone in my disagreement of that statement from his either, have a view at this: his own facebook supporters turned against him in mass…

 Now I won’t pretend that this is a fair view on George Galloway’s entire political career; I hate him as a person and as a politician. I don’t like racists, I don’t like bullies, I don’t like fascists, and I don’t like that he is an MP and fits into all three of those categories.

George, on the off chance you may read this, I urge you never to come back to Scotland. Stay as far away from our nation as possible – you are no longer Scottish; you are a disgrace. We do not need degenerate filth such as you in our political system, or in our streets. If you love Hamas and Palestine so much, I’m sure they’ll have a place waiting for you.

As promised, actual video evidence of his censorship and insult tactics. Form your own opinion. 

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