Friday, 24 May 2013

Soldiers deserve to die

Soldier deserve to die.

Soldiers deserve to die, as they are there to kill innocent civilians. They deserve to die as they would have no problem killing small children or women without cause.

I've witnessed the above statements several times since the Incident that took place; apparently soldiers deserve to die; they deserve to die as they served up to defend their nation and their people; they deserve to die for going through the months of intensive and often super-human training required to receive their rank. Yes, they deserve to die.

It's not very often that I am left speechless for a long period of time - any reader of mine will realize that words and arguments come naturally to me, however seeing such statements truly sickens me.

This blog will be more colourful in the use of language than even the normal standard for my writings.

A little wake up call for all the fucking morons who decide that soldiers deserve to die:

Many of the boots on the ground in the war against terror were children, no older than primary school age, when the wars began; they, like many of us in this generation, looked to the television as Afghan and Iraq were first invaded. Many of us had no clue as to what was truly going on. We grew up in two wars which are never going to be won.

Those soldiers who deserve to die had no part in the deciding to go to war - none of the troops had any say in being deployed thousands of miles away from their friends and family against an enemy they very rarely see as they lay dying at the side of a roadside bomb - and they most certainly did no chose to be agents to the imperialism of the British Government's foreign policy.

Those soldiers are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, cousins and most importantly - human. I don't support the war but at no point in my life have I ever thought to myself that the men and women in the coffins returning to the United Kingdom deserve to be repatriated in that fashion. I am in no way in favour of our current wars against terror; however I do not feel that any one should die in such a horrible manner - not the victims of the terrorist attacks, not the soldiers, not the civilians of those nations who live in fear and most certainly not someone who was walking home from their barracks and was brutally murdered in London.

Their human, all of them. No one other than the corrupt and agenda driven politicians wanted these wars; absolutely no-one signed up to die from them. Many of the young men and women serving are there due to it being tradition, their patriotic will to defend their country, or simply because the armed forced were their only way out of poverty. They're dying thousands of miles away from their family, where they will never be able to look into their loved ones eyes before passing away, and the last memory for their family being a coffin unloaded from a cargo plane.

I'm going to just point out that the people stating soldiers deserve to die are the same little shits who are so self centred that the world must revolve around them and their idiotic needs. They are the same shallow scum that drive around in cars bought by their daddies and who have no grasp on the real world or anything beyond idiocy.

I don't often advocate violence, however with these people, I feel the only means of protecting the human race is to beat the ever loving shit out of them until they can no longer pass their genetic filth to the human race - I wonder if they would lay down and die so easily because 'they deserve to die;.

People such as your thankfully minuscule minority don't deserve to live in an educated and moral society. You are truly the bottom of the barrel shit stains.

Photo of Lee James Rigby, a soldier horrifically murdered in Woolwich, seen on his wedding day in 2007 to Rebecca Metcalfe.

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