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About The Young Political Radical

The Young Political Radical is an 'as is' opinion blog designed to educate readers of current affairs and headline news. As such, any writings are strictly those of the respective authors, which are democratically protected from prosecution under United Nations International Law; freedom of press; freedom of free speech, protest and demonstration.

The Young Political Radical reserves the right to delete any comments deemed to be of an overly offensive nature such as, but not limited to: personal attacks on authors or comment users; statements relating to racist, sexist or sectarian nature; comments which indicate violent intent. We respect the ability to post comments freely, and therefore do not pre-approve comments.


All images and video content contained within The Young Political Radical are used under Fair Use policy from press and educational use; copyright is given to image and video content where possible, and when a credible source may be found.

The articles contained within The Young Political Radical are copyrighted under domestic copyright law pertaining to the United Kingdom - we supply Fair Use rights to quote, reference or pass sections within articles for personal or commercial use.

We aim to move all image and video content to fully copyright free, however this is not currently possible with current funding and lack of resource. If you have a complain regarding the use of image or video content, then please email: RSBYNG@Icloud.com


The Young Political Radical reserves the full right to not disclose or pass information of authors who chose to remain anonymous; as such, an order by court will be required to disclose this information, and will only be followed if we believe to be legally justified.

We are committed to protect the privacy of both users and authors, and therefore will never pass on information to any external body unless a court order is given.

Political Parties, individuals and organisations

The Young Political Radical respects the right for political parties, individuals and organisations to respond to remarks and opinions given in articles. We believe this is important for a fair democracy; as such, we will allow such entities to submit their own articles in response.

We welcome submissions from all entities, however have a explicit 'no campaign' policy - we will not allow imagery which may be seen as campaign material, nor will be allow political slogans that are seen as outside the normality of debate.

We respect that articles may contain comments which are negative or positive towards entities, and therefore respect the right of return.


While The Young Political Radical does not support any single political entity, we will support campaigns on a basis of morality. Campaigned relating to social justice, reform and legal change.

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