Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Terrorism - the new buzzword for society's problems

Today, a regrettable incident took play where two individuals attacked and killed a defenseless and unarmed soldier who was wearing a 'help for heroes' T-shirt. Scotland Yard and the Armed Response Unit shot down the two individuals, who are now in a critical condition at hospital.

Naturally, as these men were of ethnic origins, everyone was quick to claim that this was some from of terrorist attack, despite the lack of any similarities to any previous attempted terrorist attack in the course of British or Western history. Radical Islam and splinter groups, while being indiscriminate with assaults against citizens, are at least consistent and intelligent in their execution of attacks - simple put, they attack large population centers while keeping individual attacks to those who are of significant importance to government or military bodies.

While the lost soul has yet to be named, it is almost assured that he was neither a top level official or high ranking military official.

Terrorism causes terror - today has failed to do this, and there was never going to be any chance of it causing terror. The two attackers did not attack nearby residents who summoned the police. They used knifes as apposed to fire-arms or explosives, and there were no indications that this was a pre-planned event.

It's not terrorism - it is simply a case of two disturbed individuals who took it upon themselves to end the life of an innocent man wearing a charity t-shirt.

This is terrorism:

Yes, that was an image of the shock and awe tactics used against Iraq by coalition forces and if the CIA, military or any other military or government agencies do not like it, they are free to suck my nuts.

What we have seen today is not terrorism, despite the horrible nature of the crime. Terrorism has become the new word to describe any individual or individuals liked to Islam, or non white skin, who do stupid shit against innocent people, regardless of their connections to any real terrorist cell.

My thoughts are with the friends and family of the man, and for all those who are descaling the death of this man with the line 'millions are killed in Iraq and Afgan every year'; you too can suck my nuts, as I highly suspect you are the same individuals who sip your coffee, watch xfactor, and do fuck all but sit on your arse and hope for someone else to fix the world for you. Any death out of cold blood is equally as horrible, please accept that as this happened on home ground, people will take it stronger.

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