Saturday, 18 May 2013

Economics - Money isn't the value of human life

Week after week we are taught that we must suffer a less than satisfactory standard of life because the nation is in debt to corrupt bankers, while at the same time we fund wars which cost billions of pounds per week. We are led to believe that we are all in this together, while MPs enjoy the luxury of second homes, food expenses and benefits which matches only that of the Royal Family.

The obsession with fictional money has doomed three or four generations to poverty while, in contrast, the wealthiest increase in their wealth. What value do the wealthy see in hording so much money to stagnation, where it will serve no purpose, help no cause and advance no aspect of society?

Why must I accept the fact that myself, my children, their children and their children's children will be on the breadline no matter how hard they work in life?

Is the value of life simply the finance that we may bring in, and help others to produce?

My mindset is that those who have a desire to life a good life, with no harm to others, deserve nothing but the best in life, regardless of their position in society. Only those who intentionally damage society, or those who prefer to live on the work of others, should be forced into poverty. Wealth should be shared, and my value as a human should not have a figure above it - I volunteer; have always attempted to make the best possible choices and help those around me, despite this,  I am considered worthless to society since losing my job. My gap between employment and once again being a student will be a short one, more-so, it  will be one spent in my community, fighting the cuts and the injustice that is tarnished throughout this land.

Human life is a precious thing. Do not misunderstand me, I do recognize the need for money and even capitalism in society, but not at the expense of the knowledge that we will be able to wake up warm, fed and happy. I am going on to study business, with the eventual outcome hopefully being a degree in economics -- the reason I wish to go into economics is that I believe our generation, and those to follow, must end the greed that has flooded those with power. We must stand united, and say no more! We must ensure than stagnation of wealth is no longer a disease on our society.

Notably, there are many good organisations who donate unimaginable sums to charity through the world - Bill Gates, Apple and O2 give our extensively large donations. Bill Gates, for example, could be considered a humanitarian in his own right; he does not donate as many companies do to gain tax relief. He does it as he came from a simple background and is bound by his morals to give something back. He is respected for it, no-one will ever look down upon an individual or company who does so much to help their fellow brothers and sisters of the world.

Good guy, Bill Gates
If you look to the various lists of the top givers throughout the world, a trend begins to appear. Many came from humble backgrounds and many donate to education and the advancement of ensuring that everyone has a fair start in life. Many of them are aging, they seem to fit the category of 'friendly grandpa and grandma'.

Perhaps I am looking into this too deeply but there does seem to be a connection between those who have a humble background donating the most, compared to those from the already wealthy. In my opinion, the already wealthy 'old money' have a conviction within themselves that they believe their money is entitled, and not earned.

Viewing my nation, I will fight the government beyond normal political practice. In the streets. In the fields. At the gates of Parliament. before I will allow them to continue their assault against the 99%. I would rather die with a bullet in my skull than stand silent through a fascist sortie of destructive cuts. 

One fictional character put it to fine form:

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