Thursday, 13 June 2013

1984, Microsoft and the Xbox One

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Having once again read 1984, I am pretty much assured that the scenario of the book and the elements contained within it are now becoming far more than just a cautionary tale of governments gone wrong.

When the book was published, in 1948, there was a distinct lack of the technology contained within the book such as two-way view screens, extensive wireless audio recording and even the ability to erase and alter newspapers post-release.

In the 21st century, however, there is an increasing frightful reality to what is happening in the book which is moving from cautionary fiction to a grim truth. The technology is very real, and almost every home has it - with the Xbox One including a mandatory video and audio capturing device, with many laptops and other devices with the potential to record audio and video 24/7, are we just a generation away from the Big Brother world?

I'm not afraid of Microsoft, or ASUS, or any other company, they don't have any real intention to take over the world, they already have it, but, as we seen in the rise of the Russian revolution and countless other political movements, many companies can have weapons against their necks to force them to comply with whatever wishes a government may have.

The only thing preventing the current enslaving of western civilization is that we are still too strong to be easily tamed; as future generations become weaker in their approach to militant action against governments, and as the cosmopolitan lifestyle slowly turned even the most butch men into weaklings, we really need to consider our future.

 We've seen with the NSA revelations in the USA that the government already has the ability and, from the outside, there is absolutely nothing that can be done.

The technology and infrastructure is in place to allow the 1984 world to become a reality and the sad thing is that we payed for it, invited it in and demanded more of it. I'm using the same technology to type this, and it wouldn't surprise me that I've been added to a terrorist watch list in my own country for doing so.

Here's my theory on the future written in Orwellian style (with some comedy and satire):

It was a warm and unrelenting day, the sun was risen far above London and through the acidic clouds it was unforgiving in its assault on the senses, appearing green through the pollution. Chuck awoke to the piercing sound of the national anthem of the United States of Obama, the Ode to Masterchief, which was loud and did not allow for a moments rest; attached to the wall was a guardian. Chuck a man in this late 40s once knew them as Kinnect, the bringers of rage quit to those with funny voices.

Chuck was a skinny man, weighing less than 250lb, which at this time was eligible for entry into the Wii Earth Olympics. Chuck often pondered if life was always like this; he remembered vague points, the most memorable that of the elections to end all elections, the one where the party had risen, and Moot had taken control. At first it was peaceful, the Moot administration ended all US wars, claiming that 'we were not their personal army' although many things changed. Mudkips had become the national animal, children were being taught Memes and the elderly were awarded with the newly created 'oldfag star'.

Stretching, he reached for his ration of KFC gravy and consumed every litre of the delicious ooze. Chuck was luckier than most, he still maintained the ability to walk, although at times it was pointless as the need for many physical activities had been replaced. The orgasm soon died out as penises were unreachable by normal hands, and in a time not too distant ago, all sexual experiences were performed through SecondLife.

Chuck soon cleansed his thoughts. It was dangerous to have thoughts. Mods patrolled the streets and knew when someone had thought; worse yet were the admins who were assigned large hammers to ban anyone from continued life.

At every moment of every day every one was watched, recorded and surrounded by Google holographic adsense which instantly displayed the latest in mobility scooters.

Chuck did not know much but he did know that this was hell.

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