Monday, 3 June 2013

Anonymous - Why they deserve support

Anonymous - the first truly international activist collective in the history of the human race; from simple teenager using their laptops to join in attacks on websites of oppressive regimes, to highly organised and sophisticated hacks, able to tap into government archives and resources to expose hidden atrocities. The often controversial nature of this collective often places them into the same category of terrorist organisations and splinter cells.

From 4chan, to the Onion Router; Anon has had influence over politics for the last 8 years, and while it could be argued that the means to their goal is often dangerous to modern society, the simple fact remains that they are possibly the most humanitarian collective on the face of the Earth, with campaigns which often aim to disarm dictator states, protect the poor, and generate social awareness to subjects such as equality and human rights.

Anonymous, I salute you in solidarity.

To the common public, I list the following reasons why Anonymous should be given the full support of political campaigners across the globe...

5. Anonymous does not discriminate 

Anonymous has no leaders, no membership fees and no concern over your skin colour, ethnicity or sexuality. They are Anonymous, and they do not care who you are as they do not care and do not wish to know; their collective is made up of individuals who partake in operations -- often there are key members who kickstart respective operations with their fellow Anon partaking through individual action to a hive goal. 

Anonymous is made of all races, all peoples, all creeds and all class types; they will often show support for international efforts which do not affect their lives. They attack oppressors in the name of humanity regardless of how powerful or how small their target. Take for example what is happening in Turkey where the government's forces have blocked communications and have turned violent on often peaceful protesters: Anonymous has ensures through their own tools that communication blocks have been brought down through private networks and servers, enabling the people of Turkey to remain in communication with the outside world to show their stories and their pictures of the crackdown which is beginning to increase in death toll. 

Anonymous has no official language - often communications from the collective will be diverse in their spoken and textual form proving that they are indeed universal; while English is a primary language due to the concentration of  individuals in America and Western Europe, they frequently take the time and effort to translate communications to various languages to further the number of active supporters. 

The collective also does not often support either right winged or left winged political parties, for there is a social rule of not bringing personal politics into the situation. Anonymous will never be absolute in their agreement on certain subjects, such as Israel and Palestine, however their ability to put those differences aside is unmatched in any human campaign. 

4. Anonymous prevents pedophilia and assists law enforcement

You'd need to live in a cave to realize that there is a distinct barrier between law enforcement agencies across the world and Anonymous. Despite this increasing line, Anonymous will often use their collective resources to track down and bring to justice the worst of crimes on the internet - especially abuse of children sexually. Earlier in April, Anonymous took down the Association for Man-Boy Love, one of the most predominant pedophilia advocate websites - a group dedicated to the free love without prosecution of older aged men and young, often below the age of 14, boys. 

Further cases have popped up where Anonymous has cracked down on hidden pockets of the internet where both child and adult rape/abuse video and picture galleries existed; they have been known to access the personal information of all those involved and pass them onto the local police services before crashing the offending websites permanently to avoid further spread of the material. 

Two prime examples of mainstream influence from Anonymous are the Boston Bombings and the suicide of Amanda Todd

. Within 24 hours of the attack, Anonymous (while there were false accusations) discovered the identities of the bomb creators and spread the information to the Boston Police Department, FBI and other enforcement agencies - this links back to the idea that Anonymous does not discriminate, even against their enemies. 

Amanda Todd's suicide left disgust in many internet users and sparked serious attention of mainstream media; while the police were useless in efficiently following up with the case to discover those involve, Anonymous were able to identify not only one suspect, but several who were involved in the use of Amanda Todd for sexual favours. Thanks to Anon, these suspects now face the law. 

3. Anonymous has no financial backers

Look around, at all the mainstream media influences, notice anything about their political coverage? Yeah, it tends to be pretty one sided to either left or right, depending on who owns the particular cesspool of false news and advertisement. 

Money is power over information, well...until Anon came along. 

While there have always been free thinkers who attempt to portray the truth of broke society - myself being one such person - none of us truly managed to break into the mainstream light. Anonymous' nature allows it to spread its information to billions of people within days through the internet and also physical activism. 

Seriously, go to Twitter and look through #opturk #opgtmo #opuk

See all that information? Go look for it somewhere else. You wont find it. 

The non commercial and free nature of Anonymous allows EVERYONE to have their voice heard, pictures seen and videos viewed. They do not have financial backers not do they require them - Anonymous is innovative with its approach to politics and used the bare minimum of resources required while still being as effective as million dollar news corporations. 

Anonymous does not gain its thoughts from cash, it gains it from ideals - something that was once the benchmark of politics in the civilized world.

2. Anonymous is a symbol

We are all Anonymous; walk down the streets of any town or city and there you shall find them even if they do not wear a badge, t-shirt or uniform.

It is open to us all and while we may not call ourselves Anonymous, we do share their ideals and their blood lines. 

Anonymous could be your son, or daughter. Perhaps your father or mother. It could be the man who serves your beer or performs your surgery. Anonymous is no longer a cult restricted to 4chan, they are international and they are powerful. 

Their symbol is one known to all of those born in to this world over the last 40 years; the traditional Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta speaks more words than this blog ever could. They do not seek personal fame or gratification - they are purists who seek a united and free human race without the tyranny of government preventing our development of peace. 

At last count there were at the very least over 9000 official Anonymous pages that have exposed some of the worst atrocities committed in the 21st century.

1. Anonymous are not terrorists 

Terrorists - those who fight for the freedoms of every single person on Earth without causing death or destruction; those who would dare to stand up against the secretive and elitist nature of Goverme-...wait? That's not the official definition of a terrorist? Then why are Anonymous considered a terrorist group to many...?

Oh yeah, because they do not stop until the truth is out there, and governments hate that with every fabric of their systematic being. The difference between protests in the streets which are peaceful, and the take down and blackouts of government websites is that the latter has true potential. Everything is stored online now in some form or another, and if there's a loophole into a server, Anonymous will eventually find one. 

It's sort of like telling a child to stop speaking when they question the actions of their parents - chances are the child is right, however the parents will not accept it. Anon is scolded as they refuse to submit and refuse to give in - insurgents international. 

Anonymous has caused no deaths, in fact they may have prevented millions at this point in history by getting word of human rights abuse to the public attention, prompting responses that would not have come otherwise. Terrorists? Nope. Don't believe everything you are told from mainstream media, it will be your death.

So Anon, I salute you!

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