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What lessons are being learned from Turkey

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Anyone who has had access to the new recently will be aware that the situation in Turkey has turned critical, with what was a peaceful protest in Istanbul now escalating into an unbelievable show of defiance against now-turned totalitarian and Islamist Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.

The peaceful protest in Istanbul - which serves to reserve one of few green spaces left in the capital which has seen rapid industrial take over of residential and green-belt areas - was met with the same force that would be expected to be shown to armed and violent insurgency which acted as a catalyst to years of pent up anger over the attack on secular living in the nation. Over 50 protests are now sparked in Turkey, many also being met by extreme levels of violent resistance by law enforcement in the country.

Source: CNN News
The Turkey riots are mammoth in comparison to recent examples of resistance to government in Iran, Greece and France and have been met with caution reporting by mainstream media outlets, and lack of response to the situation by almost all western nations, despite the clear example of the breach of human rights and lack of respect for the democracy that Turkey has worked so hard to create.

The death toll is mounting, and the feeling of discontent has spread throughout Europe, with protesting being held from London to Munich. The protests in Turkey have awakened many who feel discontent with their own government, so what can be learnt from the current situation?

5. Social Media is now a tool of protest

While Facebook has been somewhat quiet to the current developments of the protests, Twitter has been rapid in not only spreading information on the scene of the incident as it occurs, but also in planning and moving crowds away from police brutality and blockades to more movable areas.

Twitter has been so powerful to the effort of Turkey that the government has attempted - albeit failed - to block the social media website and others like it in major cities. 

The reliance on traditional communication methods such as telephone and word of mouth has ended, and has been replaced with an outlet which has the ability to spread information instantly to thousands of people not only locally but internationally.

The ability to post videos and pictures furthers the views on the ground as protesters have met increasingly desperate measures from police, in some instances even having tear gas canister aimed directly to their bodies, in the same method with more destructive power as a rubber bullet. 

The eyes of the world have been on Turkey, learning and planning from Turkey on how to start their own revolution against abusive governments

4. Elected governments are just as bad as dictatorships 

Let's not escape the point that the Prime Minister of Turkey is an elected member of their Parliament; he was voted in with an easy Majority and faces re-election next year in late 2014. 

The Prime Minister, often making outlandish remarks against the free and secular nature of Turkey, has attempted to enforce Islamist ideals with regulation on the sales of alcohol, public signs of affection and homosexuality; the enforcement of these policies has been met with disapproval not only from secular citizens but additionally has been met with protest from left-leaning Muslims, to which the country is composed mostly of. 

The Turkey situation proves that the control of power gives free-reign to the blatant abuse of citizens from elected officials with no systematic punishment. It could be likened to the current situation in the United Kingdom where benefits have been cut, and many face eviction from their home due to taxation and illegal actions taken by a right-winged government. 

Turkey is on a balanced and ideal line between religious liberals and secular non-believers and has been for many years; this balance has allowed the country to prosper: tourists are free to relax to the same standard of freedoms as experienced in much of Western Europe, while also being able to enjoy Muslim and Turkish culture. That balance has mostly been maintained by the large population of young Turks who live in the freedom to express their religious or non religious values whilst also partaking in the western party lifestyle. 

3. One event can turn a nation

The original protest was small, with around 1,000 protesters, all of whom were peaceful. The police reaction to this was to use brutal tactics and physical force to force a non-democratic resolution. In reaction, cities all across the country sparked their own protests which has seen millions take to the streets of Turkey over the last few days. 

Last year riots in London spread like wildfire to cities across England; although the ideals of the rioters in England were nothing more than the need for anarchy and destruction, it is a prime example of how the same principle of rapid spreading of protest can come over night, even in a country notorious for political inactivity. 

One of the most important lessons to learn from this entire situation is that politicians are at the mercy of their public; in practical terms, nothing stops citizens from rioting in their streets except perhaps the lack of reason and reprisal by security services. It should serve as notice to politicians all over the world that bully tactics will no longer work, and that you are at our disposal, not the other way around. A politician is there to represent the needs of the people; not the needs of themselves, their party or those who sneak extra wages into their greasy pockets. 

2. Anonymous has real power

In my previous article, I describe how Anon is a power for good on Earth. This instance in Turkey has proved to be a glowing exhibition of not only the good Anon has, more-so also the level of power they contain. 

Within hours, the vast majority of government websites were brought down by Anonymous; they had created private networks to ensure freely open internet to the protesters, and most crucially, they mainstreamed the Turkey situation, making Twitter alive with activity.

At the very moment thousands of Guy Fawkes masks are being deployed throughout Turkey; Turkey and Anon have become allies against a war on a much larger scale than just one nation - Turkey is bringing to show the true nature of government, elected or otherwise, while Anon are passing that show to the world through assisting the efforts in Turkey at the same time. 

In a world where electronics is essential to much of life, it is not surprising that a group who are masters of collective control of many forms of media has such a grasp of power over governments and their systems. I, for one, am grateful to Anonymous. Keep up the good work, legion!

1. Western Governments are spineless

Syria. Libya. Iran. Iraq. All insurgents in these countries have received support from western governments. All, except for Iran, have no military infrastructure which could match that of the forces of many nations in Europe and the United States. 

Turkey, however, has a fully operation trade agreement with many nations, its own fully functional military and enough political influence to make things were hard for the western route to the Middle-East. 

Where are the official letters of disgust? Where are the crates of supplies to fight the tear gas to the protesters? There are none, and it's all become Turkey has real power in the world and have many things that can only be given to Europe and America through consent.

If this situation was happening in a small Muslim country, or a nation-state of the Russian Federation, there would be absolute glee from Europe and America, but this instance it's within a large country that could easily defend itself politically and militantly. 

Not to fool ourselves: Human Rights Violations are happening in Turkey; this critical situation was sparked by an abusive response to peace from the government of the nation, and as of yet not a single tear has been shed from those who normally preach democracy and free-will to the small, defenseless countries of the world.  

Spineless rats. That is the fitting way to describe most western politicians. When the flames of insurrection reaches their door-step due to the crimes they have committed, I hope they remember that no one will be coming to their aid from another country.

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