Thursday, 16 May 2013

I'm Scottish. I feel proud to live in a society with its own control of education and health; I am proud to have live under a Scottish Parliament with a political party with no love for Westminster and no connections to any larger political entities in England.

I do not have any ill-feelings towards the English, however I do feel sorry for many in England who were raised in the boom era, only to find that their dreams and aspirations will be crushed by the onslaught of education fees.

My granny is in her 70s, she does not like the Scottish National Party, nor does she like Labour or any mainstream political entity; we were discussing politics yesterday and one subject that we both agreed on was the need for free education. I love my gran, she raised me for the mainstream of my life; we do not often agree on many things politically though we have always been civil in those disagreements.

As soon as I raised the fact that England had tuition fees on education, she instantly paused me to say " that's one thing I do agree with...that all education should be free. I never went to college, no one except your dad has in our family, but in my days we didn't need to. We had a job from school and we were set for life."

The majority of my family isn't poor, for the most part all of us earn steady incomes from skilled jobs. Both my uncles work in pretty standard jobs. They have worked for decades and have seen many changes in the way their respective employers look for staff. Before, in the older days, you could be employed simply for being related to an employee; political correctness sadly killed off those prospects and replaced them with a vicious circle of competitive desires in the job market.

Education is often said to be a way out of poverty. Proven in Scottish culture, it can be viewed throughout history as many of the greatest minds were birthed from simple families. The idea of free education was part of Scottish enlightenment; we inspired many throughout the world to adapt the same policy.

Scots will either view the English in two ways - 'I hate you all' or 'I hate you all, but I'll still invite you to a party'.

Even with the differences that our nations have held, and continue to hold, no-one in the North of this Island would ever want to see the damnation of their fellow Islanders under the Conservative Government. Economists agree that preventing a wide selection of people from entering higher education is dangerous to a society; philosophers may see it as the return of the class system - to which I would say they are correct.

A system in place where only those families who possess sufficient finance may send their children to university. A fundamental reasoning to this is that the state cannot afford to fund free education is overridden by the quality of citizens that can be produced through education - not just at degree level, but at all levels.

The poor are not poor because they so chose to be. They are as wealth in our nation is not distributed equally. Socialism failed to overthrow the pigs to whom we are now enslaved by. We can still rise, brothers, and we can still cast a dagger into the heart of the capitol state.

To those children who live in the glory of their parents, with the bank of mother and father supporting them with every possible financial need, I say this to you, and I suggest you take heed of such words: your bubble will burst, or someone will come and burst it for you. Your parents worked whereas you are free-loading. Do not take pride in anything you have until you have worked for it.

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